About Us

SistaSoccer, Inc. is a 501c3 tax-exemptible nonprofit organization that inspires players to help one another in the soccer community.  We recycle soccer gear from players, clubs, and companies all over to redistribute to children that would love the opportunity to wear and represent it!   

SistaSoccer corespondents  redistribute to children and teenagers that will appreciate it all! Every donation is personally delivered. SistaSoccer representatives distribute the donated clothing and gear,  help tutor, bring the children a period of joy to their lives, and coach them soccer skills.  Players all over the world are able to walk in another athletes cleats, literally!

SistaSoccer, Inc. has dedicated the organization to their childhood coach, Ed Leigh, who has recently passed from ALS.  Growing up, his teams never played on the fanciest fields, they didn't have the top-notch gear, the most stylish jerseys, or the latest pair of expensive boots, but they had what mattered most.  They had a great coach and mentor, a ball to play with, a pair of cleats on their feet, and teammates to depend on.  He taught to play with heart and grit, to play with passion because soccer is the most beautiful sport in the world and you are lucky to play it.  Through soccer Ed Leigh turned a team into a family and girls into sisters.   Soccer is so much more than just a sport.  It instills values in children that they will carry with them for a lifetime.  SistaSoccer, Inc. wants to spread the love of soccer and all that it can provide to children for their  journey through life!

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In Memory of:

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Eddie Leigh